UI/UX Consulting Services

UX/UI Consulting is a holistic approach to improving the user’s experience based on business objectives, user perspectives, qualitative and quantitative data, and UX consultancies' domain expertise.
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Primarily Research

This step includes understanding the needs of the project team, identifying the target audience, and gathering any other requirements of the solution.


The UX consultant will help you map out the customer journey by collecting information from interviews with customers, surveys on your website, etc.


When first starting a project, the consultant will create outlines, wireframes and site maps to communicate with developers and other stakeholders as they finalize their solution that fits the user’s needs.


You need to coordinate with the marketing team so they will make sure all your resources are consistent. This prevents developers, designers, and customers from missing any of your messages.


The website might work well from a technological standpoint, but it could have a bad design, not scale well or be difficult to navigate. In this case, the consultant will provide you with their opinion and suggestions for improvement.


If you've been working on your project for a while and still haven't figured out what's wrong, try completing a usability test. An experienced consultant will quickly identify the issue and provide advice on how to fix it.


Sometimes, development teams might not have the time to think about potential technological innovations. A UX consultancy can provide fresh ideas and vision for your team that will keep you competitive in the global market.

Communication and Empathy

When choosing an external consultant, be sure they listen to your needs and establish a common language with all the teams involved right away. Pay attention to other clients’ feedback and evaluate the initial consultation time with them carefully.

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