Introduction To ERP Consulting

ERP consulting refers to the service offered for selecting, executing, training and supporting the implementation of an ERP (ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING) program. A fully integrated ERP system may consist of many integrated business software programs, including - human resources, finance, order handling and shipping. Implementing a successful ERP solution is dependent on three things: people, processes and technology.
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What Kind Of ERP Consultant Do I Need?

Your consultant should be familiar with your business as well as the consulting and development resources in order to meet your project’s needs.

Do I Need An ERP Consultant?

The most critical factors of an ERP implementation is the partnership that exists between a client and consultant. That they analyze and recognize your business demands, in addition to this situation evaluate potential ERP solutions.

What Should I Expect From A Consultant?

An effective consultant will keep your project on the right track by following a tested method of achieving goals, helping the client, manage project risks and handling the psychological aspects of change. Be respectful to your consultant’s knowledge but also expect the best from them.

What Kind Of ERP Consultant Should I Avoid?

Good ERP development and consulting resources are limited. Beware a consultant who sells you a project with their best team, but cannot commit that team for the full duration of the project.

Application Consulting

Our expert consultants will help you get the most out of your systems. Our experts can help you make informed decisions about ERP selection, customization and maximizing the potential of all your enterprise systems.

Technical Consulting

No matter if you need help with database optimization, data migration, files/data security, mobile software, connectors or any type of various other technical part of ERP implementation, our qualified technical consultants are here to help.

Management Consulting

Sometimes you need implementation and strategy. That’s when De-fraudIT's management consultants can come inside. We'll help you find solutions for business and people-related difficulties, which will ultimately result in executed solutions that generate positive change.

Project Management

The most important factors in ERP implementation are often professional project managers especially ones with a lot of experience. De-fraudIT's project management team has years of ERP experience working with projects like yours and will be here to improve your project staff and help you to reach your goals.

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