Data Analytics Services

Data analytics helps businesses convert their organic business data into actionable insights. Since 2015, De-fraudIT has been helping companies make quick and data-driven decisions in the ever-changing environment by simply rendering a full set of data analytics services.
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On-demand Data Analysis

Get the data collected, prepared and presented by means of quick regular or one-time analytics observations and avoid typically the time and expense burden for creating and managing a full-scale analytical solution.

BI and DWH Consulting

Many of us analyze your certain small business and offer recommendations on planning, developing, implementing or upgrading your analytics solution.

BI and DWH Implementation

Whether you consider applying a data analytics solution or completely revamping the existing one, De-fraudIT is ready to deliver the time-effective solution fully compliant together with your company objectives.

BI and DWH Support and Evolution

Get an analytics solution tuned within just days as well as hrs – we examine the as-is conditional environment, define the stumbling blocks and fix the problems that will hinder through utilizing data analytics.

Brand and Product Analytics

Perform a product performance analysis. Quantitative analysis can be used to help you measure aspects of your brand such as awareness and attitude level.

HR Analytics

HR analytics is the process of collecting and analyzing HR data in order to improve an organization's workforce performance. The process can be referred to as talent analytics, people analytics or workforce analytics.

Financial Analytics

Application of financial analysis can provide insight into the financial performance of an organization. Financial analytics review volumes of data, typically based on historical enterprise transactions, to find and understand patterns.

Supply Chain Analytics

Identifying the variables that determine demand can help you plan ways to increase, control or reduce future demand and understanding how to minimize the risk of stockouts and make inventory planning efficient are important factors in determining the right level of inventory.

Asset Analytics

The magic starts to happen when you work with the data. Analytical Assets include techniques to transform data into something useful for your company. It could be anything from an engaging visualization in a dashboard, to a data science model or even just a simple aggregation of various information to produce a single useful number.

Customer Analytics

Customer analytics refer to the process companies use for capturing customer data in order to make better decisions. Customer analytics often come in the form of a software that produces data on customers' behaviors. Insights from customer analytics power the sales, marketing, and product development efforts of successful organizations. Studies show that companies that use customer analytics are more profitable.

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