CRM Consulting Services

We help organizations select and put into practice a CRM (customer relationship management / buyer relationship operations) solution. Our CRM consultants will be always up to date with the most recent technologies and may help you cope up with any complex workflow like CRM audit, CRM upgrade, and integration. We focus on your business necessities first of all, and only advise solutions that work in practice!
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Gap Analysis

We help companies quantify and prioritize gaps between present and future claims of their system. We collaborate with enterprise teams to recognize their business aims, existing processes, programs and offer them a summarized research report.

Business Process Transformation

You can't anticipate new levels of revenue with older business techniques. Our CRM consultants will help you transform legacy company processes with brand-new perspective and according to your new targets.

Solution Design

CRM division looks ahead to your business problems, because we enjoy seeing our clients expand. Our consultants will continue to work with your workforce to understand the battle and offer ideal solution design and style. We always focus on multiple alternatives and assist you to choose the best optimum choice by comprehending all areas of your business version.

App Modernization

Outdated CRM apps create security and privacy risks. In addition, your revenue' potential remains to be undiscovered if you use legacy apps. We assist businesses improve their tools to better face the challenges of growth.

CRM Integrations

Our team examines each CRM integration (with a data warehouse, document management software, ERP, and point-of-sale system). This is to validate accuracy, data changes saved and shown in all the involved systems, formats that don't change overtime, and lack of dependencies.

CRM Usability

CRMs need to be easy to use, otherwise the bugged and inconvenient interface can make dedicated employees just give up on it. By organizing usability testing with our UX researchers, we get insights about how easy CRM is to use and what improvements should be introduced in UI.

CRM Performance

The goal of performance testing is to determine how well your CRM will handle high-traffic periods. Our test team simulates hundreds or thousands of virtual users to verify CRM's response time and loading speed.

CRM Security

Your CRM contains sensitive data about your customers, which makes it vulnerable to data hacks. De-fraudIT's test team conducts vulnerability assessment, penetration testing and other activities to ensure your CRM is securely configured. They also perform role-based validation of access control authorization for both users and groups.

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