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Optical Character Recognition

This service automatically scans documents like PDFs, paper documents, or digital photos and converts them into editable and searchable data.

Face Identification/Detection

You can find, organize, analyze, and tag the faces in photos based on attributes like age, gender, emotion, smile type/intensity.

Video Analytics

Analyzing video content in real-time and extracting metadata. Send alerts or notifications and more with easily without having to monitor it manually.

Object Detection

With the object detection and tracking API, object classification and localization are possible by analyzing images or live camera feed.

Event Detection

Identifying patterns of behavior in surveillance videos and determining how many people are moving through the passage.

Damage Assessment

Based on 2D or 3D data sets in order to assess damages we Identifying damages to complex electronic devices, vehicles, etc.

Medical Image Analysis

Reading diagnostic images, including X-rays, CT scans, PET scans and MRIs; analyzing organs on these imaging tests and capturing pathological signs or deviations.

Grading and Sorting

A simpler quality analysis allows for streamlined sorting and classification. In addition to facial geometry and age, you can also determine emotion type or intensity grading and sorting of people.

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