Why choose Defraudit?

100% Data Test

Examine 100% of your transactions so no incident is missed and find fraud before it causes serious damage.

80% Fast Scan

Where Manual process take 200 Min to scan false positives Automation takes less then 3 Min. So that you can spend more time stopping fraud.

100% Anti-Corruption

Streamline your anti-corruption compliance by directly connecting policies and auto monitoring programs.

Artificial Intelligence

Apply advanced analytics and machine learning techniques to identify trends and high-risk activities.

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Some Words From Our Clients

There’s no substitute for a well-designed dashboard. Defraudit  reviewed our data, our processes, and our results, to help us develop sleek and powerful reports that are easy to understand and effortless to use.

Dixie Sinclair

Manual processes takes a lot of time and resources. But when we automate things like risk and controls, analytics and reporting, we’re not only streamlining our workflows, but freeing up resources and reducing the chance of human error.

Plain Jane

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